Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beware of copy artists!

Hello there,

I feel compelled to write this post today as the uber-talented artist (and friend), Rachelle Anne Miller, has written this on her blog today.

Rachelle Anne Miller Designs

t’s come to my attention that my brand, my style (that I’ve worked so hard to make uniquely mine and be recognized for) has been copied by another illustrator. She’s been participating in Illustration Friday, blogging and has a FB biz page. I’ve had one email conversation with her expressing my concerns and she replied apologetically and said I’ve been an inspiration to her work (well, obviously!), but emails since has fallen on deaf ears. I’m concerned this could be damaging to my brand. Any advice?
I know many of you are very familiar with Rachelle's unique and whimsical designs and artistry and it devastates me to see such a blatant copyright of her original work.  I am not hesitant to name and shame this other artist but this blatant disregard for artists and their original works leaves me so very sad.  True artists work so VERY hard to establish their own 'look' which reflects their very personal and unique talent.  I just want to bring this to everyones attention to PLEASE NOT FALL or PURCHASE work from impersonators and thieves.

This is the other artist's blog http://www.shivashalchi.com.

Feel free to go and check it out and make the decision for yourself.  Please show your support for REAL artists who contribute TRUE work.

Thank you for listening!!



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