Sunday, July 26, 2009

A disaster in my craft room!

Hi there!
Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to post anything for the next couple of days due to a mini disaster in my craft room! We had incredibly torrential rain here on Friday evening, so much so that it slightly flooded my craft room in the basement. It's not a complete disaster but I've had to move all my stuff to pull the carpet and underlay up. It's a relatively small area of wetness but I have the dehumidifer going in the hopes that it will dry everything up. Fingers crossed this will be enough to fix the problem otherwise we will be looking at having to replace the carpet (which is barely a year old as it is!!).
I'm feeling unwell too with a bout of vertigo so I shall definitely be laying low for the next couple of days! Hopefully I'll be able to blog hop and leave comments tomorrow when I'm feeling up to it! Until then ....


KanataNewf said...

oh Danielle! I hope the damage was certainly was a downpour! Will it ever end?

Cheryl Joshua said...

OMG Danielle,I hope your carpet is not ruined,take care of yourself and hope you are better soon!!!
Hugs xx

LINDA said...

OH Danielle, Im sorry to hear about your carpet. Hope it dries out soon..And I hope you get feeling better soon..
Hugs, Linda

debby4000 said...

Oh no hope it dries out and you're feeling better soon.

Littlebear said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon and that your craft room gets sorted out - at least it didn't ruin your stash!
Clare x

dolcreations said...

I am so sorry to hear about the damage you are having to deal with! I have not been able to post on my blog because of the weather! I am hoping that this will go thru.
I hope you are feeling much better soon..I always look forward to your posts!

Tanya said...

Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. Take care. Maybe this darn rain will soon come to an end.

Rach said...

Hope that you get everything sorted soon sweetie and that you will be feeling better. hugs rachxx

cats whiskers said...

OMG I hope you get it sorted soon, what a disaster dear. Sending you hugs
Jacqui x

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I am so sorry about the flooding!! I can so relate as this happened to me just a month ago. I hope everything dries up and you do not have to replace the carpet!! HOpe you are feeling better too!! You are missed!!

All Pink girl said...

Oh God babe thats terrible xxxxx
i do hope every thing will be ok and not too much of your craft stuff is lost xxx
hugs Dawnxxxx

Rachel said...

OMGoodness Danielle, I hope there's not too much damage. as for the posting, we will just have to wait a little longer to see your beautiful cards, you take care of yourself and i hope you feel better very soon!!!:0)

Tab said...

Oh sweetie, what a nightmare, fingers crossed that you get back to crafting soon!
Much love!
Tab xxx

Curt in Carmel said...

Bless your heart! I'm so sorry that this has happen to you. I'm just heart sick about it! I hope it works out! Best, Curt


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