Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life update and blog award to share

Well, my weekend did not get off to a good start.  Friday lunchtime I got a panicked phone call from my mom friend who was attending the school Gr.3 field trip to the National Art Gallery.  My middle son, Joel, was being taken away in an ambulance after suffering a very severe asthma attack!  I rushed to the Children's Hospital and thankfully he was there with his teacher and a mom volunteer, who happened to be an ER nurse (and his guardian angel that day I swear).  Joel was also covered in hives so the doctors weren't sure if he was having an anaphylactic reaction to some allergy or if it was purely his asthma, so he ended up having epinephrine as well as oral steroids and ventolin.  We were in the hospital more than 6 hours and thankfully he has made a full recovery.  I have never experienced this before and to say it has shaken me is an understatement.  To come close to possibly losing your child is something I never ever wish to experience again.  Angels were definitely looking after my son that day.  So this weekend we've been lying low and taking it easy and the weather has been rather wet & gloomy so it has been perfect for lazing around the house and enjoying family time!

I received this award from my sweet blogging friend, Rosie.  Thanks Rosie - it's an unusual one and sounds quite fun!

There are several rules to follow:

1. Thank and link the person who gave you the award

2. Display the award on your blog

3. Tell 6 lies and one truth about yourself or vice versa

4. Nominate 7 others and leave a message letting them know.

So here are my 6 lies and 1 truth:
1.  I dislike red wine
2.  I hate colouring with copic markers
3.  I don't own one Magnolia stamp
4.  I don't like blogging
5.  I believe in angels and the paranormal
6.  I don't like being a stay-at-home mom
7.  I  hate Cadbury's chocolate
Can you figure out the truth from the lies???  LOL.  I bet you can!
I would like to pass this award onto:-
Anyways, I managed to get a little crafting done today so hopefully I'll have something to show you tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate your visits!
Danielle x


Rufus said...

Wow, what a scary scenario. Glad to hear that your son is fine.

Mandy said...

Hi Danielle,
So pleased to hear your son is ok,I know how scary it can be as my Hubby has asthma and an attack is so nasty and frightning...thinking of you all,take care..Oh love all the answers you gave on the post below,now which one is a
Mandy xx

Rosie said...

Oh Danielle what an upsetting experience for you and your son. It certainly makes you realise how precious these little ones are when you are afraid you might lose one. My thoughts are with you my dear. Take care. Hugs. Rosie x

Clare *Littlebear* said...

So glad to hear your son made a full recovery but what a terrifying experience for you both.
Hugs, Clare x

downrightcrafty said...

oh sweet heart, oh I feel for you and hope that he is feeling much better today. I think that this sort of thing actually makes us realise how precious our children are to us
hugs to you both

and thank you for the lovely blogger award

take care all of you
Kate xx

debby4000 said...

Glad to hear Joel is OK but what a terrible worrying time for you.

Delphine said...

Oh Danielle, I am so sorry you had to go through this... I am glad to know your son is better but how frightening it must have been. Love and hugs, Delphine xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh Daniele what a worry but so glad he is OK. Thanks so much for the award. Marianne x

Lynsey said...

Hi Danielle, so sorry to hear about your son, its such a worry when they get poorly. Thanks for passing the award onto me.
Hugs Lynsey x


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