Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A quick update .....

Hi everyone
I just wanted to give a quick update with regards to my detox. It is going well although the feelings of fatigue, headache and nausea hit me really bad the first night. I felt like I was suddenly overwhelmed with the stomach flu!
Yesterday was better and this morning I feel somewhat brighter too. With this in mind I just haven't felt like doing anything, and I literally mean anything!! I never watch daytime TV but yesterday I did 'cos it was the easiest thing to do with my head in such a fog, lol! Anyhows, hopefully today I will get a chance to get into my craft room.
The positive side to all of this, yes, there has to be a positive right? I'm down 3lbs!!!
Hopefully will be back later with a project to share.
Danielle x


Lil Daffodil said...

Ooooh Danielle,
I am so sorry you are not feeling great. You really must take care and rest as much as you can. Hope you feel better soon.
Fiona x

Jessie said...

Hi Danielle, hope you are feeling better soon and congrats on your weight loss!

Pattie G said...

Danielle, I hope you feel better soon.


stampinfrog said...

Danielle just take care of yourself while you are doing the detox! Congrats on losing 3 lbs!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a tough way to lose some weight! I know you'll feel great in a few days, hang in there. Hugs! Pat

Nina said...

Hang in there Danielle, hugs and prayers going up for you!


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