Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm leaving .... on a jet plane!!

Hi there,

Just wanted to post a quick note saying that I'm heading off to London, UK tonight and then onto my home island of Jersey until November 21st.  And so starts a week of 40th birthday celebrations with family and friends - I can't wait!!

I have my Winter Wonderland post scheduled for tomorrow so hopefully Mr Blogger will play nicely for me!  I unfortunately haven't had a lot of time to craft and schedule posts for the time I'm away but I will definitely share some pics of my time away when I return.  And I hope my schedule will start to allow me to blog a little more regularly and catch up on some sorely missed commenting!

Take care everyone and see you in 10 days or so!!

Danielle x


Cheryl said...

WOOHOO Happy 40th Birthday,enjoy your time with family and friends!!! Looking forward to seeing the photos on your return!!
Hugs xx

dolcreations said...

Have an awesome time celebrating your 40th with family and friends! Have a wonderful trip Danielle! I will miss your posts while you are gone! Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you come back~!

downrightcrafty said...

you go girl and enjoy every minute, I will wave at every plane that goes over just in case, I will be the blob being blown over :)
Kate x

Pattie G said...

Oh Danielle, Happy 40th... I too have a birthday on the 16th of November. I know I haven't been around at your blog in a while but I do remember that you were one of my first followers. I love this easel card!!! I now have my own challenge and i am selling my digital images. I hope you stop by soon. Have a great Birthday.

Pattie ♥

here is my challenge:


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