Friday, August 28, 2009

I need some help!!!!

Hi there!
I need some help and I'm hoping some of you out there in blogland can oblige!! I recall seeing a cupcake holder project on a blog - a cardboard base with the space for a cupcake to sit in. Do you think I can find it anywhere??? Of course not, not when I want it!
Does anyone know where I can find this tutorial or the instructions to complete it? I've googled a search but I'm coming up with mainly manufactured cupcake holders and not any beautifully handcrafted ones!
So if you're able to help I would be hugely grateful.
Danielle x
EDIT: You guys are just the best!! Thank you so much for all your help - yes, I've found exactly what I'm looking for!!
Thanks again.
Hugs, Danielle x


dolcreations said...

Danielle..didn't Lauren Meader have a turtorial on that. If you go to and then scroll down to her design team, she is there. I remember something she may have had. I will look further into it for you and see if I can find it.

Rachel said...

Good Morning Danielle, i think the one christine is talking about is lauren meader's versatility box if you go to her blog and on her sidebar hit her videos link you should find it there. I'm also thinking has a cupcake box tutorial. hope this helps.

Rachel said...

it's me again, Don't know if you found one yet but i found the cupcake box link to scor-pal here. have a great weekend Danielle.


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