Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inspiring Award!

Good morning my friends!
Firstly, apologies for the severe lack of posts this past week! I was hoping to have had some time over the weekend to spend crafting, instead I was laid up in bed all day with a 24hr stomach bug! Thankfully it was short-lived but spending a whole day in bed put me behind all the other things that I needed to get done! And this is the last week before my boys head back to school so I'm busy with them too!
I have received this award from two fellow blogging friends, firstly Cheryl and now Jon. It's such a beautiful award and I'm really touched that people have thought of me to pass it on to. I am continually inspired every day when I visit all your beautiful blogs and have the opportunity to see your creations. Please take this award and pass it on should you not have received it yet!
I have been busy with a project which I will be back later on today to post. My batteries have died in my camera so are on recharge for a couple of hours! In the meantime, I will blog hop and catch up on all your gorgeous work!
Have a great day.
Danielle x


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