Monday, March 8, 2010

Magical Monday - Green & Gold!

Hi everyone and welcome to another 'Magical Monday'. Today, it's my turn to host the challenge over at 'There's Magic in the Air with Paper Cupcakes'. Nina is offering up this fun image this week 'Pot of Gold' and as it's an Irish leprechaun, what better than a colour challenge of 'Green & Gold' (with the added bonus of using metal somewhere on your project)!

So, pop on your sunglasses before you look to closely, LOL!! Yep, it sure is a bright one! I have to say not my normal colour palette at all but hey, it's good to get out of your own 'colour box' and experiment with something that's completely not you!! I coloured the image with copics. I embossed the back yellow panel with the Moroccan embossing folder and used the MS arch lattice border punch. The rainbow crocheted flowers are ones my friend made for me when she was in the process of trying to teach me to crochet, lol!! Ribbon and metal brad are from stash.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend - the weather was fabulous and the kids had a blast out on their bikes, walking the trails and feeding the chickadees.

I sure hope you can hop on over to TMITA and join in this weeks theme. The DT girls have shared some amazing cards with everyone this week too so there's lots to be inspired by! Nina also has this fabulous prize up for grabs this week for those participating in the challenge.
Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your wonderful comments. I also have to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who've contacted me to send our dear blogging friend Linda a get well card - I appreciate it so much and I know she most certainly will! Enjoy a wonderful day everyone!


Danielle x


Clare said...

Hi Danielle,
I'm glad you have had a great weekend.
Your card is such fun! I love the multi-coloured crocheted flowers.
I was so sad to hear about Linda. She was one of my very first blogging buddies and is a very kind lady. I already have her address and a Get Well card will soon be on its way to her.
Have a great week.
Clare x

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi danielle,
I love this card in the colours of the Irish flag. The enbossing on the yellow is fabulous and the image is so cute and colourful.
I love it.
Fiona x

craftieodamae said...

Gorgeous card! Love the flowers

cats whiskers said...

Fabulous card sweetie
Hugs jacqui x

dolcreations said...

Danielle you have done a great job with this image! A rather hard palette to work with....and you nailed it! I love the rainbow flowers, the embossed background, and I really love the ms punch used with the ribbon! Great job!
We had a great weekend as well, now I am off to hockey with Justin for 7am game with the school!

Lorraine said...

Yep it sure is a bright one for you Danielle, nice and cheery.
Please can you let me have Linda`s details I would love to send her a card from sunny Jersey.
Pleased you had sunny weather it is freezing here with the sun out. Hugs xxx

Selma said...

Love your bright colorful card Danielle. The rainbow flowers are such a great embellishement with this image. Thanks for the fun challenge.

Rachel said...

OMGosh what a fabulous card Danielle!!! LOVING those bright colors! sooo beautiful!

berg4 said...

What a cherry display - love the great, bright colors!

stampinfrog said...

Love the bright colors!Fantastic coloring!

Patti said...

You gave us the perfect challenge for this image! Love your bright and very cheery card!

Dianne said...

What a great way to start off the week!! The card is so bright and cheerful.

Congrats on getting in the Copic Certification class. I did the class in November and you learn alot. Sally taught ours. You will lots of fun.

Nilla said...

Hey you, bright girl! Fabulous card, love the crochet flowers! Hugs Nilla

Kim said...

Wow, Danielle, I love how bright this card is!!! It's definitely good to break out of our "usual" every once in awhile! Those crochet flowers are definitely the perfect embellie! thanks for the challenge this week and the continuing inspiration!

Aloha, Kim

Pat said...

Great card Danielle, love all the brights colours especially on the flowers.

Pat xx

Patti J said...

Hi Danielle! Congrats on your Copics class! Woo hoo! Love your Edwin card... and I love this Pot of Gold card too. Those crocheted flowers make me SO happy, your coloring is fabulous, I love the border, the ribbon and the metal brad! Great job, my friend!

CraftinGranny said...

Great card and so colorful. Love the crochet flowers to match. Did you do those yourself? Congrats on certification class, we had a snow storm and I missed ours but rescheduled. Have fun!
"Hugs" Granny

Nina said...

Danielle, I love how bright and cheery this card turned out, just makes me smile! I love the touch of the rainbow flowers as well, just perfect!!

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