Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blogging Issues

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to say I'm having a tough time logging onto my blog, yet alone others at the moment. It is driving me crazy and of course not being able to view all your beautiful creations and leave comments!
I hope the problem sorts itself out quickly, in the meantime, I may just give my laptop a rest for a couple of days.
Please know I will do my best to catch up with you all very soon ....... hopefully I'll get some inking time after what has been a very busy weekend!!
Danielle x


Cheryl Joshua said...

Hi Danielle,doesn't it drive you crazy,I think it is computers that give us high blood this opportunity to craft like crazy.I hope it is fixed soon.I received my blog candy today,thankyou so much it is awesome and there is so much,just need to work out how to use the Spellbinder
Hugs xx

dolcreations said...

Hello Danielle...I was wondering where you have been!! I actually have some problems as well from time to time! Take the opportunity to create like crazy!! Hope you had a great day yesterday!!
Happy Summer!

Claudia Rosa said...

how fustrating!
it will be better soon


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